What clients say...

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“Rachael has been a huge part of my fertility journey, which I am still on but feeling more and more positive about thanks to her vast knowledge and experience. Last year I found out I had a low egg count (as decided to get an AMH check due to the women on my mother’s side reaching early menopause at age 36/7) and I’m now on a mission to improve my egg quality and have the best health possible ready to conceive (hopefully naturally).

Rachael is a nutritionist you know you can trust as she has been on her own personal fertility journey. She has guided me from offering reassurance on my results, working with my doctor on blood test results and gone through in detail the supplements and dietary changes that will help my body prolong and improve my egg quality and even egg count.

The nutritional relationship we have has been ongoing and she treats everyone with an individual care plan instead of handing over a list of “one size fits all” supplements. Previously she treated me for low energy and severe pms which we played around with and finally found a wonderful result, I couldn’t believe the difference I felt. She has identified my needs in regards how my body tolerates and absorbs certain supplements and the conflict they bring each other, hence balances out certain supplements that will now optimize my fertility, keeping my energy levels high and PMS at bay.

I can’t recommend Rachael enough, she really listens to you unlike other practitioners and takes every ounce of information you give her on board and will write you a bespoke plan. She’s there on your journey with you and understands all the ups and downs that come with it. One main compliment I have for her is that she believes, she never gave up hope on her journey and I know she’s here to help us believe the same. Thank you Rachael.”

Hannah, 37.

“I am working with Rachael in advance of trying to conceive. So far in my journey, Rachael has advised and guided me to use supplements and tests which are very specific to my needs. It can sometimes be difficult to make sense of the many variables which come together when thinking about having a baby and Rachael has really broken down her guidance and made complicated references and treatments seem straightforward. Her incredibly empathetic approach also makes it easy to ask any questions I have, however big or small. I’m truly grateful for her support and would highly recommend her support and services.”

Sarah, 34.

“Thank you Rachel for your incredible support during our fertility journey. Your calm and practical support was exactly what we needed as we were navigating trying for a baby. We really appreciated being able to feel in control with your support.”


Layla and Greg 33.

“What I loved about Rach was her holistic approach; she took into consideration my whole lifestyle including my sleep health and levels of exercise.


She is big on shared decision making; setting attainable short and long term goals together made me feel super supported. She is professional, yet personal and approachable. She also got my partner involved without making him feel uncomfortable.


Getting that positive pregnancy test changed mine and my partners life."


Emily 42