Rachael Robinson Nutritional Therapist

How will Nutritional Therapy help you to conceive and have a healthy baby?

Nutritional Therapy offers a personalised approach to identify imbalances which you may have and then offers tools via diet and lifestyle to regain balance in your body and promote a fertile environment.

The purpose of nutritional therapy is to understand your health goal and then dig deep to get a picture of where you are currently at from a diet/lifestyle perspective then use nutritional interventions to fill in the gaps.

In understanding your nutritional status, you can look to drive optimal health by supporting your body with the nutrients and lifestyle that you need as an individual. Prior to and during a consultation we spend time understanding a woman’s cycle, her current hormone and nutritional status and any known issues which may impact fertility including PCOS endometriosis, low AMH (egg count indicator), early menopause, sperm health. We also take a deep dive into the different systems in the body which impact fertility including thyroid, digestion, detoxification, immune, cardiovascular, endocrine, stress and sleep.

Using the principles of Functional Medicine, Rachael will work with you to dig deeply into the root cause of your symptoms, which may include testing hormones, vaginal microbiome, stool and nutrient deficiency testing alongside traditional blood tests for thyroid, vitamin D and iron. This tailored approach then allows us to create a specific health and lifestyle plan to support your journey in:

  • Preparing the body for pregnancy

  • Supporting body and mind through IVF

  • Recovery from miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy

  • Maintaining a healthy pregnancy

The Consultation Process

Upon booking your initial consultation a health questionnaire will be sent which you complete before our first session: this includes information about your medical history, current medications, supplements, physical/psychological symptoms, known fertility challenges, cycle information (for women) your digestive health, stress, sleep, immune and a food diary.  Rachael will also look at any existing test results which you may have.

We then have an initial consultation where we will take a deep dive into your situation in order to start to identity potential imbalances in your body and nutritional deficiencies which we can support.  Rachael may recommend functional tests including hormone profiles, stool analysis, semen analysis and nutrient profiling. These tests can give us a more robust picture of what is driving symptoms and allow us to get to and address the root cause.

Rachael will then write a tailored health plan which will include nutrition principles, functional tests, recipes and supplements if necessary.

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