Signs of Excess Oestrogen

High levels of oestrogen are something that I see among many clients and can be a huge cause of discomfort both physically and psychologically for women.

High oestrogen levels can manifest in a variety of ways including:

High oestrogen signs

• Breast tenderness

• Breast fullness

• Heavy periods

• Fibroids

• Endometriosis

• Irregular bleeding

• Hormonal migraines (where estrogen takes drop before period)

• Water retention

• Mood swings

• Weight gain (especially if levels of E1 are high as this is stored in our fat cells)

• Cervical dysplasia

We have oestrogen receptors located all over the body which is why it can have such a big impact.

High oestrogen levels are linked to:

• Decreased thyroid function – high estrogen increases thyroid binding globulin which decreases free T3 (our more active thyroid hormone that does a lot of the work)

• Worsened endometriosis

• Endometrial hyperplasia - overgrowth of uterine lining and bleeding irregularly

Check out my next post for more on causes of oestrogen dominance and what we can do about it.