Causes of Excess Oestrogen

Oestrogen dominance can be driven from a number of factors. Remember an excess of oestrogen may impact one persons body in a completely different way to another’s. Oestrogen excess doesn’t necessarily result from having “high” levels of oestrogen, it can also manifest as a result of low progesterone levels so it’s important to get to the route cause in addressing hormonal issues.

Some factors which can increase the amount of estrogen in our body include:

✅Environmental toxins

✅An overworked liver – the liver packages estrogen neatly to be sent to gastrointestinal tract to be removed. If the liver is overworked from an excess of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, stress or other toxins this can lead to a backup of oestrogen which ends up being recirculated.

✅If the gastrointestinal tract imbalanced from good and bad bacteria levels, leaky gut, gut inflammation, parasites etc then oestrogen breaks down and re circulates instead of being removed. This is often an issue with clients suffering from irregular bowel movements or constipation.

✅Low fibre diet.

✅Xenoestrogens - found in environmental toxins in the environment, your home, your make-up, perfume, cooking appliances, plastics. I will post on this in more detail.

✅Obesity – increases E1 which is inflammatory in fat cells and also stores more oestrogen.

Understanding factors which can impact your hormone balance means that you can obtain the tools to make a change.

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