Fertility Diet: Fundamentals

Many clients ask me “what should I eat to support my fertility?” Well, nutrition is complex and we are all different, our bodies respond differently to the nutrients that we put into it and no one food will ever alone make us more fertile.

When it comes to working on a health programme for someone there are always always always multiple factors to consider.

Nutrition: Food and drink that works for you. Not what worked for your friend/family member/colleague but for you. A way of eating that makes you feel nourished, balanced and truly well. Focus on what to add before what to remove.

Testing: To really understand a picture of what is happening in your body testing can be an incredible tool. It speeds up the process of tailoring nutrients to your body. Instead of trial and error we can quickly see whether digestion, hormones, vaginal health need supporting.

Supplementation: Not everyone needs lots of supplements. If you are going to add supplements to your diet make sure that they are high quality and highly bioavailable (well absorbed). Otherwise you are just paying for expensive pee.

Body Systems: We cannot support fertility independent of the rest of our body. Many fertility issues are linked to inflammation which is turn can be linked to poor digestion, an overworked liver or compromised neurotransmitters (chemical messengers found throughout the body). Make sure that you work on your body as a whole in order to support fertility.

Lifestyle: Managing your stress, finding joy in life, moving your body, supporting your mental health.

From a dietary perspective I focus on supporting clients in building solid foundations. When thinking about this I like to use the analogy of a house which is being built - there is no point in buying colourful curtains and cushions when the walls are not up yet! We are the same, its important to get the key nutrients out bodies need and good habits and then we further support with specific supplements and targeted nutrients for certain imbalances/conditions.

Key nutrients to include in supporting fertility:

  • Protein

  • Omega 3 fats

  • Antioxidants

  • B vitamins

  • Magnesium

  • Zinc

  • Vitamin D

What to watch out for

  • Excess sugar

  • Excess caffeine

  • Excess alcohol

  • Foods which your body reacts to (gluten/dairy for many)

  • Excess stress

My big focus is on what to INCLUDE not what to remove. Often people are worried that as a nutritionist I will take all of the joy out of their lives, this is not the case! When you eat to nourish your body you often end up eating more of the right kind of foods for you. This is the key - what is right for one person and another are unlikely to ever be the same. Once you work out what works for you it can change the way you feel and make you more fertile - physically and psychologically.